Selling to retailers can be challenging, but it is essential for growth. Many manufacturers overlook selling to retailers as a channel for their products. Retailers are an essential partner in any company’s growth strategy, not just because they have an existing customer base, but also because they can help drive
General trade sales are a key source of revenue for many businesses — particularly those manufacturers who would rather not deal directly with their end consumers. While general trade may seem like an afterthought when you have direct customer sales to manage first, they’re a central aspect of growing your
Few years back, B2B e-Commerce was quite a challenge in India, as technology is new to people and thinking about change may seem uncomfortable to many, especially in business. It is absolutely an effort to shift to something new, even if it is easier, faster, better, more promising, more profitable
B2B eCommerce market is rapidly expanding in India post Covid pandemic. Lockdowns and restricted movements have forced several manufacturers and wholesalers to embrace technology for their business, which has turned out rather beneficial in terms of revenue. Please read this blog to know more: B2B eCommerce ROI: Decoding the Business
TikTok has been on the rise since 2018, after its official launch in 2016 with Chinese startup ByteDance. The platform was originally known as Musical.y, a video streaming and service app that generated over 200 million users before moving all of them over to TikTok in August 2018. TikTok has

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