Amplify Your eCommerce Business On Instagram

Why Market Your eCommerce Business On Instagram?

Why Market Your eCommerce
Business On Instagram?
If you operate an eCommerce business and your interested in marketing your products or services online, Instagram is an excellent network to showcase your creations, highlight customer experiences, collect user generated content, and make more sales. Over 300 million product posts are clicked on Instagram daily and more importantly more than 40% of people say they use Instagram to discover products and services. eComjini helps eCommerce business owners like you leverage the power of Instagram to reach more customers and gain more visibility.

Instagram Growth Works For eCommerce Businesses Like Yours

  • Etsy Shops
  • Amazon Sellers
  • Shopify Stores
  • BigCommerce Shops
  • WooCommerce Stores
  • Squarespace Shops

How To Use Instagram To Market Your eCommerce Business?

Instagram has many features that are great for eCommerce business owners. Below are eCommerce business ideas you can use right now to start Amplifying your reach on the ‘gram.

Instagram eCommerce Business Ideas

  • Create an Instagram business account (must-do to collect analytics)
  • Use stories to build trust with your buyers
  • Create a branded hashtag to collect user generated content
  • Use autoreplies or canned responses to quickly answer customer inquiries
  • Leverage Instagram shoppable posts by connecting your product catalog
  • Use Instagram threads to quickly share private discounts, deals, and content to your loyal fans

These tips will help rank a step above the rest of your competition. However, we want to share a little secret with you. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Your eComm business can make more headway if you have a team devoted to help you create and post content, connect with your customers daily, research hashtags, and find opportunities to increase your reach more customers. eComjini is that team.

How eComjini Can Help You Manage And Grow Your Agency’s Presence On Instagram?

eComjini is the little-known secret for eCommerce business owners. Our team helps amplify reach on Instagram by managing the tedious and time-consuming tasks that business owners don’t have time to focus on. Here are a few of the awesome things eComjini team does to manage and grow your Instagram account.

  • Engage with your target audience and influencers in your niche
  • Create content, optimize, and schedule your feed content to help you remain consistent on Instagram
  • Optimize your content and bio to increase discoverability
  • Help you manage and grow your online community
  • Provide actionable monthly data to help improve your performance

eComjini helps you manage and grow your Instagram account so that you can land more clients and build a more reputable online presence

What Makes eComjini Different From The Other Guys

1) NO BOTS! – Our whole business is built on the premise that all our activities are performed manually by actual team members. It’s time-consuming and tedious work, but it maintains our integrity.

2) TALK & WORK WITH REAL PEOPLE – Anytime you need us, simply send us an email and our account manager will be available. There are actual people here to adjust strategy, discuss issues, or provide guidance.

3) AFFORDABILITY – Given what we do manually, it’s a very affordable service for agency-level quality. A virtual assistant would likely cost more than our service. A social media manager would cost 5x – 10x more and wouldn’t want to do the grunt work we do daily.


Above is simply a small selection of the elements covered by our projects. We have covered many other areas, from specific projects around UX consultancy, trading, and analytics transformation, to overarching Ecommerce Strategy projects. If you are looking for assistance, or simply a chat about opportunities, get in touch below.