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“LinkedIn” advertising

What is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn offers a wide range of different ad formats, from billboards and text ads to personal messages to users.

Depending on the specifics of the business, LinkedIn can often be a great advertising channel – a very favourable environment to reach potential business representatives. We help those who use this channel to increase awareness, expand their contact list and find new business customers or qualified employees.

Universal platform

In APG Media team we have 6 Google Certified Advertising Professionals and a Google-nominated Digital Advertising Champion. There are only 10 of such specialists in the Baltic States. We take care our staff is perfectly qualified and ensure that our clients have access to the latest Google tools that are not yet so commonly used in the marketplace. This way our clients gain competitive advantage.


Above is simply a small selection of the elements covered by our projects. We have covered many other areas, from specific projects around UX consultancy, trading, and analytics transformation, to overarching Ecommerce Strategy projects. If you are looking for assistance, or simply a chat about opportunities, get in touch below.